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Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
To make the "Text" options look transparent first (of course) you need the MUI key in S, and then it's just, as I commented:

...The only thing I don't remember is how to get rid of the borders of the buttons.
To get rid of the borders of the buttons it's this way:

MUI4 prefs: Images, Background, Frame, Visibility 0%

@Tygre, @tboeckel has been very kind answering some questions about MUI. I was looking for where does AmiModRadio save the MUI prefs and he has told me:

According to ​AmiModRadio's source the application's base name is set to "NONE" which is not a very lucky choice. This should be changed.
Yes, I agree. You should use better as name AmiModRadio.prefs

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