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I remember getting dune 2 for the PC and playing it for 2-3 days straight untill I won, then picking another house and doing it again. I completed Diablo 1 and the Expansion a few times, dont think I finished diablo 2 100%.

The games I like are different every time you play them (quests change, maps are randomized, you find different ites) so that you end up playing them again. There isnt really a direct path from start to finish either, like you can go down more then 1 path and still win. Some games let you trade resources, use diplomacy, or just flat out fighting to win. Replay value is the key to alot of great games.

Max payne might be a great game, but once you finish it how many times do you want to play it again? Its like a murder mistory movie, the first time you see it your rivited to the screen, next time your just looking for clues you missed the first time around since you already know who did what and when.
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