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Upgrading doesnt bother me that much as long as the experience the new hardware gives is worth it.

I was amazed how tombraider 1 for the PC looked after I got the patch for my 3dfx voodoo 1 (helped framrate alot), same with quake 1.

I was also thrilled when I played A3d enabled games with my aureal powered Monster mx300 3d sound card and 4 speakers.

These expamples show the difference the hardware addon makes to the same game without buying a whole new pc.

A 3d swordfight could be made to be very fun, same thing with ships firing at each other and showing realtime damage.

The rest of the game mechanics should be kept the same simple and fun they were on the original. I would be happy with a remake that offered 1024x768 graphics with a nice soundtrack and more detail in the ships, map etc.
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