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Originally Posted by lordofchaos View Post
If you was able to have anybody from Amiga's history to create the ultimate Amiga dream, from artists, coders, musicians, and designers then who would you pick?

Here's mine

Coder: Andrew Braybrook
Musician: Chris Hülsbeck
Artist: Robin Levy
Designer: Eric Chahi

Could they make the best game ever? Would they even get on? Anybody else recon they could come up with a better team?
Originally Posted by lordofchaos View Post
Fair enough, perhaps not the most technical coder out there, seems to have done some very solid jobs, I particularly like his work on Uridium II. I had thought he was solely responsible for the coding on Simulcra, but a quick check on HOL proves me wrong.

Being a very Accomplished coder yourself, .. Are there any Amiga coders that stood out for you?
Steve and Andrew were both good coders, I think there was a bit of British Politeness about how they regarded their own programming skills. I showed Andrew the fjord intro from Hunt for 7th October and he said, "Wish I could do that" and I said, "Well you can", after all it was just a reasonable polydraw routine running on the screen, there was no reason for him to think that way.

The reason their games ran half framerate was they mistakenly wanted sales from the US market which was nonexistant. The other part was their Object Oriented Programming System, which reaped great rewards in them being able to be a studio able of in-house ports. But my evaluation at the time was that they treated 16-bits differently from 8-bit, where Andrew had been able to hammer the hardware properly as he was certainly capable of doing. Anything he did he had to do within O.O.P.S.

Memories I have more stories from "when it all happened" but main purpose was this sort of pragmatic defense of Andrew really
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