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Originally Posted by huepper View Post
Thats what i talk about, first lets "fight" "AROS68k" vs. "WB3.1" fully pure.
No P96 or CGFX or other things.
If in this scenario AROS68k comes nearly on WB3.1 (Speed and compatibility and size),
then we can talk about features like CGFX or P96.

What to do in this case is, bring AROS68k as fast as possible like WB3.1 without any GFX-Sh**.

If AROS with lets say 20 MB is fast as WB3.1, then we can work on other things.
sigh. how many times do i need to repeat this till you get it??? aros iso for amiga-m68k is about 20mb inclusive all the features you listed and more, even if not all active. true, the speed may not be on pair with 3.1, but the footprint is way less than os4 even if you got it on 68k no matter faster cpus.
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