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Originally posted by Twistin'Ghost
Just keep in mind that the US gaming scene (then and now) doesn't neccesarily bode well with many of us Americans, either. Like Unknown_K pointed out, the Euro scene also had its flaws, such as hanging onto games on tape, unexpanded Amiga (external drive support was typically ignored because European A500 users didn't have them, nor did the programmers!), etc. And let's face it, the Euro market did the same thing when it embraced the PC over an existing Amiga domination. There can be lists of excuses for why the PC made its way overseas, but there are just as many excuses for the US NES/PC domination.

The US market suffers from the effects of the status quo, which is all about marketing to the lowest common denominator. Sometimes I believe the only reason a business starts in this country is for the purpose of getting rich (as opposed to simply being successful). It's dog eat dog and if you don't crush your competition, it's very likely they will crush you, all in the quest for the brass ring.
As far as US companies (and the rest of the world goes) things changed in the 80's. It used to be that companies wanted steady long term growth. Public companies sold stock and when they made a profit (almost all the time unlike today) they paid out the extra cash as dividends. People purchased stock from the well established companies expecting a dividend ever year and a steady rise in the value of the company (and their stock). these people didnt buy and sell stock very often, they just kept it for decades. During the 80's companies stocks were worth less then the company could be hacked up and sold for in pieces. So unethical finacial types started buying up functioning companies and selling the unventory, buildings, property, etc for a profit (basically killing the company and putting alot of people out of work). This started what I see today as the greed in short term gains with long term damage. Comapnies pay out any leftover cash to their CEO and dividends are small if any. The only way investers make any money is buying stock and selling it for more then they paid for it in a short period of time. When you also notice that current ceo's only get paid $1,000,000 for a salary (only LOL) and the rest of their cash is from buying stock at under street price (or getting it free) and selling it you see them pumping up the stock (illegally in some cases) dumping it, and finding a new company to exploit when the old one dies from lack of profits. If the board of directors is also in on the scam you notice the company doing huge layoffs that also make the stock price rise just before stock options are vested and sold. Companies are ruined in short term this way but people with the inside scoop make a killing buying or shorting the stock. Its the same in the US as in alot of other countries.

Alot of companies these days are formed just to get rich quick. If they cant sucker normal people to invest in them they find idiot venture capitalists to do it for them. How many companies in the era didnt even make a penny of profit in their whole existence, or were given millions in capital for a product they gave away for free (buisiness model that could never bring in profit).

Once the greed dies down and companies get back to long term growth ( will happen sooner or later when free money dries up and now that dividends in the US dont get taxed) companies will get back to trying to make a profit.

End of rant.
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