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Hi Retrofan!

Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
LOL. That's great, thank you. That reminds me when somebody asked Tommes if his drawings were real hardware or not .
No offense intended! I just wanted to make sure before launching in a quest to bend MUI to my will

Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
Yes, that's a true screenshot (I use SGrab to obtain them), but I've been looking for MUI4 options and changed some. In fact I believe the guys at the MUI4 site have to be Very interested in this thread as long as we are trying to implement all of the possible options we can.

I clearly understand your question, the thing is that it's amazing the result you can actually get with MUI4.

To make the "Text" options look transparent first (of course) you need the MUI key in S, and then it's just, as I commented:

I like to post all the info I learn because I can forget about it in a time. I use MUI4 and I believe we all should. If you find any problem to get this config I will try to help. The only thing I don't remember is how to get rid of the borders of the buttons.
Thank you! So I will follow two directions: learn more about MUI because certainly 99% of the "unworking" things are due to my lack of knowledge and test further with MUI v4

PS. And thank you for the new skins!

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