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Originally Posted by huepper View Post
AROS 68k is just too slow on real Classics, RTG(in FPGA) will not help here.
Is it possible, that wanderer makes this so slow?

Or is the code himself not optimized for real Classics?

Workbench 3.1 only needs ~5MB for a full installation, how much needs pure AROS68k?
Is there an image that only holds pure AROS68k without programs and gimmicks?
Aros needs in any case more than 5 MB but less than the other NG OSs need. I would need to test that, would depend on the desktops, f.e. Magellan needs 7 MB but my guess is that it is around 40-50 MB except using Workbook that boots from disk.

Wanderer (desktop) certainly is not fast but also code is not optimized for real classics. The most important tasks for near future is to improve there. Additional RTG on Aros 68k is a wrapper on P96 (developed for the P96 emulation in UAE ) and that needs to be replaced. Aros must be started from HD whereas big parts of AmigaOS were in the kickstarts so there is a difference.
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