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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
I have probably said some of these previously what I need before I hopefully find some AROS interest again...

- Better compiler. GCC m68k output is crappy. (no register parameters, seems to prefer absolute addressing instead of PC-relative, makes far too large code.. And so on.)
afair deadwood and phex teamed up some time ago. vasm and vbcc was improved as effect and the difference of effectivity of generated code was marginal. however how is this what you propose to be achieved?
1) gcc team doesnt accept 68k frontend patches? has anyone tried? do they want a fulltime maintainer or what?
2) someone has compiled individual aros binaries with vbcc, i could actually try that here. the question is if it occures to work better (for certain modules, maybe not for all), if aros team accepts vbcc as an optional compiler in their build system)
- Exactly defined small problem cases. Not "everything is too slow", "programs don't work".
you can count on me, but usually you said that the problem is too boring.

btw we are narrowing the problem zones. one suspect is uaehidd, its roughly programmed to work with uae (according to georg) but if it works with a real rtg card its by accident (says jason). as example the modes you coded into it, were all kinds of frequencies i have now edited them to work with 60hz displays. and have most resolutions working with my lcd. have a rough plan to be offered in the prefs only modes supported by a particular graphic card and a bottom line display. ill try to learn and code towards it but im not sure if i can make it, ill definitely need a hand.

the other issue is layers, resizing and mowing windows, georg may look into. thor has published some documentation what concerns his implementation on aos.

- Less annoying hype about Vampire and Aros
i dont think i have ever hyped any of those for what they werent. rather the contrary.

EDIT: - Amiga side drivers, especially small low level ones are always fun to do.
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