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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
I have probably said some of these previously what I need before I hopefully find some AROS interest again...

- Better compiler. GCC m68k output is crappy. (no register parameters, seems to prefer absolute addressing instead of PC-relative, makes far too large code.. And so on.)
- Exactly defined small problem cases. Not "everything is too slow", "programs don't work".
- Less annoying hype about Vampire and Aros
EDIT: - Amiga side drivers, especially small low level ones are always fun to do.

Aros in RTG mode was tested on Vampire and GUI was/is slow
I do not yet know if it is related to the desktops or certain parts like graphics library

I did not want to nerve you with that but of course it would be great if you would help us

without hype of course
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