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Originally Posted by Dunny View Post
I think that speed is probably a must - it's just too damned slow at the moment, and that applies to AROS as a whole. I installed it on my 486 DX2/50Mhz - It performed much, much slower than my A1200 with 030/50Mhz does when running 3.1. So slow that it was unusable, in fact.

I'm not sure that adding more developers will remedy that, though, without restarting AROS development from scratch?

Aros 68k inherits everything including the weak points and speed is a issue there. On X86 you have not this problem because the hardware is so fast, even on UAE when running it on not too old hardware you have no problems. There are certain components responsible that have to be improved. I do not expect it to beat 3.X or older on real hardware but hopefully to get it as good as possible.
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