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Originally Posted by hansel75 View Post
And all the 'what if scenarios", and 'excuses for lame CPC versions', with it's lousy ports accounting for a lot of the crap games on CPC.
But that's also the excuse given whenever a C64 game wasn't up to scratch - it was rushed, it was a poor port, it was a lazy coder.

It was still smooth and playable despite lacking features, what would you prefer, smooth/playable but missing a few things, or jerky just for the sake of making it accurate?
Also once again, C64 R-type was rushed and made in 6weeks, but still played better then the CPC and Speccy versions!
Again, I think you're being a touch subjective - the Spectrum version was certainly playable; there's a good reason it won awards from all the major Speccy magazines back in the day.

In fact, it was an amazing achievement all things considered - the gameplay was fast, colourful (which was the reason for the jerky movement due to attribute clash being minimised) at a time when monochrome was the predominant style, and it managed to get a very reasonable representation of the arcade machine's levels in to boot. It was very popular, and rightly so.

Note that I'm not saying that the C64 version is bad - it's not, but as it misses a lot of what made R-Type unique at the time (such as missiles, extra pods, quite a lot of the more unique enemy types) it looked and played like a lot of other horizontal shooters of the time.

It seems that some people prefer more colourful/jerky graphics over smoother gameplay, puzzling!
Some of us appreciated the immense effort that went into the port, I suppose. It's one of those times when nobody could level the excuses of laziness and poor porting at a big release.

And given the popularity of the game, it's hard to understand why, if gamers were only interested in 50hz scrolling and smooth movement, it wasn't roundly panned by the popular press.

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