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Ah ! Moonstone ! Great game ! I used to play for hours (damn thing didnt have a save option) in my old trusty A500 1MB....

It plays pretty well with fellow and UAE.I know cause i did replay it a couple of years ago.Cant remember with what version or settings though.

But i think the WinFellow will play it easily.

The only problem i had with this game, is that i couldnt finish it !

I became a badass knight (lots of strenggth,constitution,and stamina), had the best equipment (like the sword of sharpness), killed the dragon, got all the keys,went in the valley of the gods,smashed the guardian,and then ??? nothing...i didnt know what to do ! I went to stonehenge at a full moon,tried some other stuff i cant even remember, but no good

A hard days knight ? Most definately !
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