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The C64 was known to have 'washed out' colours. I owned a C64 back in late 80s but got hold of another one last year. Using it with SD2IEC to load games and a 14 inch CRT TV. I have to say that yes, it has kinda washed out colours but scrolling games are very smooth. It also has very good music with the SID chip. I never owned a CPC or Spectrum but have watched alot of comparisons and there is no doubt in my mind that the C64 is the superior gaming platform over a CPC or Spectrum.

R-Type is very smooth on the C64 and has good music. On the CPC remake it looks extremely jerky. The CPC has sharp colours compared to the C64 but they almost get too sharp in my opinion. The C64 version looks more natural in my opinion. Looks aside, the CPC has way too low fps and I consider what I see unplayable by my standards.

Edit: The C64 'washed out' colours is done with style. It has this 'metallic' feel to them that fits very well in many games. So it's not always bad. It has it's charm
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