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Beta 8:

- Game Ports joystick type was always empty (undefined).
- Quickstart panel CDTV/CD32 CD path name label was "DF1:", not "CD". (Broke when bridgeboard drive support was added)
- Dragndrop to emulation window didn't work correctly until GUI was opened at least once.
- Added screenshot autoclip mode, uses autoscale display size/position detection. Also added following config file only entries: (all config entries need win32. prefix)
- screenshot_min_width and screenshot_min_height: minimum autoclip size in lores pixels.
- screenshot_max_width and screenshot_max_height: maximum autoclip size in lores pixels.
- screenshot_width and screenshot_height: forced screenshot size (non-autoclip mode only)
- screenshot_x and screenshot_y: position/offset of screenshot (non-autoclip mode only)
- screenshot_mult_width and screenshot_mult_height: 1x, 2x, 3x, .. 8x screenshot size multiplier.
- screenshot_output_width_limit and screenshot_output_height_limit: minimum screenshot size, if original size is smaller, multiplier is increased until width/height is same or larger.
- More internal changes to support more than one enabled RTG board at the same time. (Still lots more to do..)
- 68020/030 RTE didn't generate exception when it encountered 68040+ or 68010 only stack frame types.
- Return error code instead of crashing if bsdsocket emulation sendto() tries to use unsupported raw protocol.
- Switching from relative path mode back to normal mode could have caused repeated crashing.
- Do not write reserved block at the end of FileInfoBlock back to Amiga side, Pre-2.x dos commands don't allocate complete FIB structure. (Was side-effect of OS4.x compatible trap system)
- Basic NERO nrg CD image support added. Data and audio tracks seems to work.
- CDFS mounting selects Joliet volume label if found. (Joliet volume label is not restricted to capital ASCII letters)
- uaenet.device S2_READORPHAN should not filter unknown multicast addresses.

EDIT: re-uploaded with trap fix.

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