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Originally Posted by hansel75 View Post
Mayhem on C64 has beautiful colours(see pics), you must not of looked far enough into the game to see the more colourful levels. It also had unique colour tricks to give the illusion of more colours used.
If you really want to know what 'drab' looks like, then here is a better example- [ Show youtube player ]

Also Mayhem might be a little tedious, but it still has better gameplay then any CPC platformer by far.
the problem is the CPC mainly had speccy emulator runnin' games. It's not even game code ported from the speccy, it's the speccy version emulated on CPC. How do you want a game like R-type to run correctly since the CPC has emulate a spectrum to run the game ?

As told before we even had c64 emulators running basically on CPC, like with the game Barbarian from Palace software. The game is too slow because the CPC has to convert on the fly the c64 assets (yes the c64 assets are present on the CPC disk and tapes !), from the original c64 hi-res resolution, to CPC mode 0. And the same apply to the game code, it's basically the c64 code emulated on z80.

How do you want the game to be good enough ? The main CPU is loosing more than half of its time to replicate the c64 (or the spectrum) original behaviour ?

For R-type 2012, they used the spectrum code as a base, but the game is 4 fps, but the scroll is faster.

Anyway, you need to use a real CPC to get the real speed, as no emulators actually reproduce the exact speed (CRTC emu problem)

PS : Black tiger CPC is also a speccy emulator running the speccy version on CPC, sorry ! How do you want the game to be good, when it has to emulated another machine ?
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