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Oronico Silver Wireless Card and EasyNet

I Have an Amiga 1200 that I am working to connect up to the wireless internet with a Orinoco Silver card using the Prism2v2 driver and the EasyNet install of internet programs.

Installed all drivers, have all settings in place. It says I connect but pinging shows I have no pathway back to the gateway.

I have gotten these wireless cards to work on my Newton 2000 before. The procedure I used is the same:

* I have manually set a IP address in the range of my home network
* Set the gateway to what my router says it is.
* Set the DNS entries.

Network name and home password are set.

Basically I have all in play like I do on the Newton setup (not the same self addressed IP address of course). However:

* As said before, when pinging the gateway it says no pathway.
* when I ping the assigned ip address from another computer I see connection and then no connection.
* When I try to telnet out it tries a three number instead of four number IP address and ends with "Connection refused".

Obviously the card is not really connecting, but what other step do I need to do on this? Currently running OS 3.5 on the Amiga 1200 as it has 2 meg of memory currently.

Thanks in advance.


I would like to "Call" BBSs once I have the wireless connection going. Is there any way for Terminus to use the wireless connection? If not, is there a terminal program with good ANSI emulation?
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