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You do not need a tutorial, to install AfA just do some simple things and then configure it to best. i THIS link you can download AfAWB_1.3.7z which contains info about installing AfA_OS and a Hard File with all the necessary files. I enclose the relevant steps described in the information that you find in AfAWB_1.3, after installation update system with version AFA OS 4.7 reviewed in above.

- Requires a freshly installed or untampered with OS3.9BB4.
Built for 020+Fpu.
- Quarktex is used for 3D support so QuarkTex.alib needs to be installed in WinUAE plugins.

- Ensure you have plenty of RAM and RTG Graphics Card RAM and can access these files inside WinUAE.

- Boot your OS3.9BB4 partition along with AfAWB1.3InstallFiles.vhd (Add Hardfile).

- RXNIL needs to be installed in Rexxc, run rx-patcher.rexx - hidden rx-patcher dir in AfAWBInstallfiles:System/GH_Browser/
Or from the supplied rx-patcher.lha

- In the OS3.9BB4 partition create Disabled and Enabled drawers in WBStartup.
Move AmiDock and THE to Disabled everything else to Enabled.
Delete InfoPNG in Devs/Datatypes
Move 8SVX from Devs/Datatypes to Storage/Datatypes.
Delete NETPAR in Devs/Dosdrivers.

- Less Important (Messy):
Ensure only gb and usa2 are in Devs/KeyMaps move rest to Storage/KeyMaps.
Ensure only Generic is in Devs/Printers move rest to Storage/Printers.
All Monitors should be in Storage.

- Start DirOpus4 from AfAWBInstallFiles. (Use at least a 640x480 screenmode)
Select all files in AfAWBInstallFiles: and copy to SYS: (overwrite all)

I'll add this:

- Command "C: Morelibspace and C: AfA_OS_Loader 'must stay on top of the Startup-Sequence before SetPatch command

- Command C: AfA_OS_Loader after AddDatatypes command

- Eliminate programs like PowerIcons and the like
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