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Originally Posted by Dunny View Post
I'm sure I just saw someone say that the best 8bit version of RType was the C64 version? Is that true?

I was only comparing it to the CPC and Spectrum since these are the computers we have been discussing here, consoles are another topic altogether.
The C64 version wasn't as good as it could be, but again it was made in only 6 weeks and my point was that even when a C64 game was rushed, it could still be smooth and playable.
And it was the best 8bit computer version back then despite it's flaws, if you want to look at better C64 shooters, then see my previous posts.

Here is a little reminder of what the original CPC version of R-type was like, as it was just terrible- [ Show youtube player ]
And again the C64 version for comparison- [ Show youtube player ]
And here is the CPC Remake with it's glorious 3fps scrolling and jerky sprites.
Be amazed at how the large spaceship on level 3 jerks about at 1 frame every 2secs, what a joke- [ Show youtube player ]

Originally Posted by dlfrsilver View Post
it was the best during all those years, but now, the CPC version is the most accurate to the coin-op version, never mind that they added a part of the PC-engine intro and also new screens.

To change things, some C64 coders must go back to the drawing board, and make also an enhanced version, with better graphics than the feast of grey the original C64 version is
Does the CPC have a more accurate version of R-type now with the remake, YES!
But is the remake more playable then the smoother moving C64 original that came out 28yrs ago, NO!
The CPC remake is still a jerkfest! And to think you guys had to wait almost 3 decades for a better version, well that is just funny, you may as well just play it on mame these days if you want the best.

Also it's hilarious when you mock the C64 games for looking grey when i can remember most C64 games had full 16 colour graphics.
Especially since the majority of CPC games were monochrome speccy ports, lol.

Also there has been mention of how the CPC R-type remake should of been done on the enhanced CPC Plus range, as obviously the basic CPC464 is not up to the task of smooth moving games.
Then maybe we should also look at hardware enhancements for the C64 as well.
Behold what the C64 could do with the Supercpu - [ Show youtube player ] and [ Show youtube player ]
Maybe someone could do an R-type remake using the Supercpu, or how about someone do it on the C65!!

Also can someone show me something on the CPC464 that was technically better then this?? - [ Show youtube player ]

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