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Returning fan!

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Hi Retrofan!

Yes, fixed the problem and verified the fix in the new version, yesterday, on my AmiKit at work

Your skins look very cool, thanks! However, I can't seem to be able to reproduce them programmatically For example, the latest image that you showed is it a "true" screenshot or is it an image that you modified by hand?

One thing that I cannot manage to reproduce is the "transparent" background for the StringObjects (second and third text gadgets starting from the row of control buttons). I tried different ways and experimented with NewString and BetterString and, still, I never managed to get the background "transparent". Anyone anyidea?

(Just to clarify, the background of the other TextObjects is "transparent" and, by transparent, I mean that it had no colour, it does not "exist" and, hence, it shows the part of the background image below.)

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