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writing ADFs to floppies. Need a list of top games/demos

So I have floppy emulators and whdload setups but nothing beats loading a real floppy diskette. In this regards I have been sorting, formatting and re-labeled many of my old disks. I also have 50 more on the way from ebay. This will give me about 250 + DD diskettes. I am in the process of writing games to them and have written to about 100 diskettes thus far.

I have been checking out Lemon Amiga Top 100 list but I wonder if there are any other good TOP lists. I prefer to only write the games that has a maximum of 4 floppies as I will play those bigger games using whdload.

So I would like a good Top 200 list with games and maybe a top 100 demos list. Please help me. It would also be nice if it was in pure text so I could just print it out.
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