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Originally Posted by hansel75 View Post
Smoothness = More playable, has been that way since the invention of the videogame and is just a important today.
I remember how it was back in the day. People were desperate of having only machines, consoles or computers with no colors, few colors and crap colors.

That's why the CPC killed at his birth the C64 in our country.

It doesn't matter the colours and graphics, playability and smoothness always come first.
Of course colors and graphics matters ! it's comparing black and white cartoons with color cartoons, people were happy that in term of technology they started to use colors instead of the B&W !

The same thing happened with the CPC. People saw that not only they got a monitor with the main CPU unit, a fast drive, the ability to read tapes (and faster than any other computer), a printer, a joystick, a mouse, sound and music in stereo, the best basic of all the 8 bits machines available on the market, while for the same price, you only got a C64 keyboard with no screen !

The c64 just couldn't compete with that. And as explained, it's not the main public who gave the CPC his golden letters, but the engineers throughout our country.

They were the start of the CPC success, the nail in the coffin for the C64.

Mind you at first, hypermarkets didn't wanted the CPC. When the engineers begun to popularize the CPC for all it had to offer, shops all around the country were overflowded like a tsunami by request, up to the point where the hypermarkets and the shops were unable to sell the CPC because Amstrad just couldn't have enough of them, the demand was way too high.

Just for the record, When Amstrad France got in the Garonor Warehouse the first container of Amstrad containing 4000 of them inside, one hour later, all of them were sold !

Later, when Amstrad got well established on the market, Alan Sugar just requested from the Amtrad France Boss to sell 120.000 Zx spectrum.

Her answer was to politely tell him : "keep those shits, i won't sell even 50 in the whole country, send me 30.000 Amstrad CPC units, we don't have enough stock !!"

That is why the C64 dominated the world and outlasted the opposition, because almost all C64 games were of smoother quality and more playable.
Correction : the c64 was the best offer when it got out, hence why it sold so much on the whole globe. The CPC would have been sold at the same time, things would have been really more complicated for it.

That's not what 10-17 million C64 owners thought, most bought the machine because it was the best, making it the No.1 selling single computer model of all time!
Yes there was no other machine when it got out able to give it a run for its money. Until the CPC came out hehehe

CPC total sales was 3 million! Sales figures from wiki!
Yes that's the right sales figure Amstrad got problems to get big amount of CPCs to sold on the market.

And while it didn't scored 10-17 millions units sold, people just went mad to get one, in such a way that the c64 have never ever known in its whole life.

For its colors, for its basic, the best one ever gracing a computer, it easy-use, his family purpose, his unbeatable price and all the huge range of accessories, his stereo abilities (yes, contrary to the ST, the CPC is wired in stereo, and not mono ).

It just had so much more than hardware sprites and the best soundchip of the market

even the z80, who was the second most famous CPU aside the motorola 68000, both of which were all teached in IT universities in the world as a basic students to learn coding.
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