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Originally Posted by SquawkBox View Post
Anyway, smooth scrolling of colorless sprites over lacklustre backgrounds doesn't sound too good from my point of view, even with the better soundtrack.
Smoothness = More playable, has been that way since the invention of the videogame and is just a important today.
It doesn't matter the colours and graphics, playability and smoothness always come first.
That is why the C64 dominated the world and outlasted the opposition, because almost all C64 games were of smoother quality and more playable.

Originally Posted by dlfrsilver View Post
Adding speed over it won't give or some other people the will to get this specific machine. Even with better soundtrack......
That's not what 10-17 million C64 owners thought, most bought the machine because it was the best, making it the No.1 selling single computer model of all time!
The full CPC range had a total sales of only 3 million! Sales figures from wiki!
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