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WinUae + RocketLauncher

Hi guys,

I'm trying to configuring out my arcade stick with Rocketlauncher through JoytoKey

When I try to set Right-Ctrl the command doesn't work on RocketLauncher ( it recognizes only CTRL, I tried as well the feature to set Special Keys in JooytoKey and even It's perfectly the input doesn't work in game ).

To fix the above I have to switch the Keyboard layout nr.3 ( ASDW + Alt ) in game pushing f12 every time I launch a game.

I'm wondering if there is a file in Winaue where I can set as default keyboard layout the nr.3 instead of nr.2

I tried to look into the folders but I didn't find a config.ini file or something like this.

Someone can help?

My WinUAE version is 3.1.0

Thanks a lot
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