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Hi from Canberra Australia


Apologies for the cross post - posted my intro in the hardware/asm sub forum as that's where I expect to spend most of my time Then saw the intro sub forum.

Here is my intro anyways:

After a very long break (20 years maybe?) I have decided to start programming the amiga again.

In my last side project, I wrote an emulator for a non-existent computer (browser based) and then wrote an operating system and basic user land for it. (See here and here). After that project got to the point where it could rebuild itself using GCC, I got bored and decided to look elsewhere.

I did lots of amiga programming when I was a kid, but never had the patience to finish a project. Now I am older and wiser I think I should be able to manage to actually finish something

My goal is to write something (game/demo/operating system?) targeting an OCS amiga 500. (That was my amiga). Hardware only, assembler only. For now I am just bringing myself back up to speed with 68000 assembler and the OCS chipset.

If anyone is interested I am keeping track of my progress on my github repo.

It's slow going because I have forgotten almost everything. I'm sure I'll be asking questions here when I finally get to some more advanced topics.

And if any aussies have a working amiga 500 they want to sell me, please PM me.
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