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I've upgraded from an rpi2 to an rpi3. I've only had a little while to test it but it's good so far.

My rpi2 was running arm 1050mhz, core 500mhz, sdram 600mhz, schmoo 0x2000020.

On medium bitrate 1080p x265 videos it would begin to stutter during action scenes. Slow scenes would be OK.

With the rpi3 running at default arm 1200mhz, core 500mhz, sdram 600, schmoo 0x2000020, medium bitrate 1080p x265 recordings do not stutter at all, even in high action scenes.

In UAE4ARM, the Amiga emulator, the rpi2 will return 6MFLOPS, whilst rpi3 gives over 10.

AmiQuake still isn't as fast as an 060 but it's quicker than my old 040 at 40mhz. It does 11.8fps at the settings i'm using at 320x200. For reference my 060 gives 16.3fps.

RetroPie in general feels much more responsive; n64 emulation is smoother, dreamcast soul caliber is full speed.

I have not tried overclocking further yet.

I've had to buy a better psu. My old 2amp one wasn't up to it so I've replaced it with a 3.5 one.

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