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Don't worry, James mate. There is still something that you can do: To find a better set of the small icons it uses on the right.

I tried to find them but I couldn't, they didn't look right.

Originally Posted by James View Post
We would have to beg Tygre to make a few changes.
I guess that if he comments about them in the MUI4 site he will have not only answers, but complete code like he had yesterday with the problems with the Horizontal Group.

Edit: From my question in the MUI4 site I've been told:

You should check the availability of GIFAnim.mcc ahead of creating your application and output an appropriate error message. Otherwise creating the application will fail silently if GIFAnim.mcc is not installed.
Just take a look at the developer stuff and demo sources supplied with the class' archive. It should become obvious how to use the class.
It is possible to use simple GIF images with MUI's internal Image class if an appropriate GIF datatype is available, but for GIF animations you will see the very first frame of the animation only. This defeats the purpose of GIF animations.
So for what I see AMR could check for its availability (GIFAnim.mcc) and use it or not.

Only rests to see if Tygre has interest in adding it. I know it would look simply awesome using an animated gif for the radio image and I know I can get support for a nice one.

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