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Mega Drive Lethal Weapon

I was reading Mick West's interview on the excellent Codetapper's site

I had already read that before, but now one bit of it raised my attention:

When did you leave Ocean and the Amiga?

March 1993, when I moved to the US. The last thing I did at Ocean was convert Lethal Weapon to the Sega Genesis. No more Amiga after that.
This Lethal Weapon for the Mega-Drive is basically completely MIA. There's no mention of it anywhere except on this interview, and it surely wasn't released.

There's a SNES version, that looks like a "souped-up" version of the Amiga game (but it's actually an awful game, while the Amiga game is pretty good). But checking the credits on that game, it was programmed by another bloke (Mick West appears on the credits roll though, under "Intelectual Conversation" whatever this means - the credits roll is full of joking entries).

So, now I wonder, where is this Mega Drive version of Lethal Weapon?
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