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Originally Posted by johnim View Post
i have emulated os4.1fe on a core dueo 2.6ghz at full speed no problem with a 8800gs and 2gb ram
What exactly does 'full speed' mean though? I wouldn't call my setup (i7 965 3.3GHz, 12GB DDR3 RAM, AMD R285) 'full speed' since a newer CPU/motherboard, overclocking etc. would be even full speedier

Ideally we'd be able to take full advantage of OS4 which means full SAM460ex performance including hardware-accelerated 2D/3D and 2GB+ RAM but that's not currently possible - if your comparison is the CSPPC without a graphics card then yeah - WinUAE smokes it but that hardware configuration isn't what I'd consider 'usable' for OS4.

I do run WinUAE/OS4 on my 1.7GHz i3 laptop though and it works and it's fun but it's also predictably quite slooow in comparison.

*Edit* I captured a little video running on the i7 a while back:

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