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Originally Posted by matthey View Post
The old AmigaOS 3.x 68k Poseidon uses an optional MorphOS input.device for adding mouse and keyboard events before booting using a MOS style device CMD function of the input.device. AROS uses an AmigaOS 4.x style input.device CMD function to add input events which is incompatible. Of course adding an AROS compatible input.device to AmigaOS 3.x for porting the AROS Poseidon stack should not be a problem but then it would be incompatible with the old AmigaOS 3.x Poseidon.
right, but im not sure if the morphos input.device wasnt in there primarly for the mousewheel. either way it a low level subsystem, i have not tried to get genuine version to run under aros, at least not lately, but could be an idea. however if there is a dedicated version being maintained i would prefer using this one.

btw, when using scalos on aros you can simply exchange aros binaries against the genuine 68k ones with exactly the same result. i have done it to confirm the problems which have occured the same ones.
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