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Originally Posted by Aegis View Post
Then it's a perfect example for people not to expect miracles even on a fast PC
Perhaps but you compared it with emulation that uses host FPU, not softfloat. It simply was not good comparison. It is tricky, especially in emulation, to find benchmark that returns result that actually tells about real peformance and not speed of some super-fast special case or bottleneck..

I just ran a quick test and WinUAE b7 is hitting 5 cores out of 8 (4 HyperThreaded) on my i7 965.
Did it really use them or was it just jumping between cores? Each trap also uses thread for very little time that may explain it, especially if you don't see it when not using UAE expansions.

I forgot about that.. So 4 cores is probably better option with UAE expansions. (at least with current implementation)

then slapping it on a 60EUR motherboard is going to kill any performance advantage you might see
Performance differences are quite small between models, at least with quality big-name manufacturers. Main differences are number of and quality of onboard devices (like cheapest and crappies possible realtek audio and lan..) and overclocking/memory speed options.
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