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Originally Posted by Marmotta View Post
Where is the truth?
It's out there

First you should know that irrespective of the PC you build you're not going to get more than SAM440-460-ish PPC performance out of UAE - worse still, there's no hardware accelerated 2D/3D at the moment (though that may change) so a lot of stuff (games) either won't run at all or they'll be slow in comparison to real hardware - here's Quake for example on an i7:

Quake @ 320x200 WB3.9 68k = 272fps
Quake @ 320x200 OS4.1 PPC = 28fps

Lastly, memory is very tight at the moment - OS4.1 Classic runs nicely on an emulated Cyberstorm PPC but that only provides 128MB of RAM. You can do a *lot* with that - more than you might think - but many apps and games need more than that, further limiting what you can do.

Now, all that said I'm having a blast running OS 4.1 Classic on an i7 - it's perfectly usable for many things - even some games. If you do build a machine for this you'll want the fastest Intel i5 or i7 you can afford. Graphics card isn't so important (I use an AMD R285) but why build a fast PC if you're not going to put a good GFX card in there?

WinUAE does use multiple cores even though the PPC emulation only uses one since it's emulating far more than just the CPU.
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