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Originally Posted by wawa View Post
btw poseidon is open and maintained on aros. it isnt currently enabled for 68k though as it would have to be worked on and tested with the hardware. the aros poseidon classes are unfortunatelly incompatible to existing 68k poseidon classes binaries, because chris (the original coder) extended some structure with some field while opening and porting, or something like that, i dont remember.
The old AmigaOS 3.x 68k Poseidon uses an optional MorphOS input.device for adding mouse and keyboard events before booting using a MOS style device CMD function of the input.device. AROS uses an AmigaOS 4.x style input.device CMD function to add input events which is incompatible. Of course adding an AROS compatible input.device to AmigaOS 3.x for porting the AROS Poseidon stack should not be a problem but then it would be incompatible with the old AmigaOS 3.x Poseidon.
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