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Originally Posted by kipper2k View Post
with the SD card header you can simply plug in an SD card to do file transfers etc. with an extension cable it would be very easy...

as for Ethernet, the jury is still out on that one
That's pretty neat, but it's no substitute for web access. For example, this is how I get files onto my FPGA Arcade:

1) Switch off the FPGA Arcade; 2) Eject the SD card and put it in my Mac; 3) Launch FS-UAE and copy the file to FPGA Arcade's hardfile; 4) Eject the SD card and put it in the FPGA Arcade; 5) Boot up the FPGA Arcade.

On my A4000, however: 1) Launch AWeb; 2) Download the file. Even with the slow download speeds, it's a lot less hassle.

I wish I'd suggested this earlier, but another option would be to provide an A1200-compatible clockport (or two) so you could use Rapid Road or Subway on the A500.

Originally Posted by grond View Post
It's not that the drivers for all the possible USB devices will appear out of thin air. Ethernet would be comparatively simple.
Unless I'm missing your point, it just needs to support Posiedon. The drivers are already there.
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