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I personally think Super edge grinder on Cpc looks technically better then the R-Type remake, at leasts it's reasonably fast, smooth and playable despite the weird colours used.

One of my personal favourite shooters on C64 was Delta, i know it wasn't to everyone's taste as it required memorizing attack patterns.
The execution of this game is superb and it's very stylistic and unique in it's look, the sprite movement is incredible in places, the scrolling silky smooth and the colour is nicely used, and it was all in a single load

It's just a class shooter and nothing on the CPC comes close to it or the other C64 shooters i have already mentioned..
And that hubbard music is just amazing, Delta's ingame tune is probably the best i have ever heard from a C64!
The sublime 50fps gameplay and graphics, combined with the psychedelic soundtrack almost puts you into a trance while playing.

Best quality at 720/50, but make sure to check the ingame music version to, and best to skip further into video to see more advanced sprite patterns plus animated water and fire backgrounds etc-

Delta Longplay (C64) [50 FPS] (sound fx only)
[ Show youtube player ]

Or this with music-

Delta Longplay (C64) (ingame music)
[ Show youtube player ]

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