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Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd View Post
Yes, i know. Tried it a few years ago. Pretty good. The R-Type 128K Remake is quite spectacular too. But they should have ported it to the plus machines.

[ Show youtube player ]
While looking nice despite the small screen, the movement is still terrible and is way to jerky to be as playable as C64 shooters.

And while the C64 version of R-Type could of been better and should of been more accurate to the arcade version, it's still more playable then this CPC remake because it's smoother.
[ Show youtube player ]

C64 Katakis is worth a mention also- [ Show youtube player ]

And again, we had this in the 80's and did not have to wait 25yrs for a better version on our machines, also C64 R-Type only required half as much ram then this CPC 128k remake!

And Enforcer - Fullmetal Megablaster is worth checking out to really see what the C64 was capable of, as it puts this CPC R-type remake to shame- [ Show youtube player ]

Edit -Make sure to watch the C64 videos in 720p/50!

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