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Well this kind of confirms my worst suspicions. I guess the American culture of "instant" everything could only be the reason why the ever so shite NES succeeded. Even the Master System was a better console! (which funnily enough did better than the NES in Europe). American EAB members, dont take this the wrong way, ill support your thinking on SOME things (as i did in a long running argument over a certain subject with a thankfully now banned former EAB member) but ill always look down on the US gaming scene.

Nothing made me sadder in the early nineties of the death of the home computer scene and the adoption of American culture of splitting everything into consoles (that can only play games) and expensive PC's (that have to be constantly upgraded), when the home computer could cover both angles. Having a computer that could play games of the same standard or better as consoles could but also do apps and programming whilst being massively cheaper than a PC - and have a shelflife of a console was my idea of computing heaven. I miss those days terribely...

Still...between C='s utter incompetence and M$'s ruthlessness there was never a chance of the Amiga succeeding anyway...
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