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Originally Posted by eXeler0 View Post
There are som curious results in that list... like 486-80MHz beating PentiumPro 200..?
But it should be easy enough to re-run the benchmark at low res on the Vampire? ;-)
(Aparently my Vampire is in the mail now, shouldn't be too long I can jump in there and start testing.. 😆 )
Depends on the 486 and the graphics card's capabilities at banging the image up on the screen. I used to LAN Doom/Doom 2 on a 486-DX/2 50Mhz and we consistently got >25fps without breaking a sweat.

Though obviously at 320x240. It was an amazing game, especially having come from an Amiga. Also bear in mind that Doom was highly optimised assembly in the most demanding sections of the code; the Amiga port is likely written mostly in C and even if not, it's probably nowhere near as optimised as the original Doom devs made it.

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