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ant512 summarized it best so far. The NES just appeared and there was a small cult following (which I was a part of); it was the follow-up comeback to the old no-brainer cartridge-based game machines (as opposed to the C-64, which was a computer that supported some cartridges) after the big crash of 84.

In my opinion, there was ALWAYS a better machine alternative to the PC, but I will always have deep resentment in my heart towards the stupid Americans who made this piece of shit the dominant machine here. Even when it was the only computer I'd ever seen or used, I always thought it was crap. I never got excited over a computer until the Amiga appeared. And the European scene was my only port in the storm for cool software, Amiga support, and general disregard of PC's. My friends and I talked about it a lot and we wondered if the disease would ever spread overseas and ruin the good thing we had going with the Amiga. Of course, it did. Now we have people all over the world who stupidly defend the PC at all costs the way only stupid Americans did before. (sigh)

Easy on the WAR bullshit. This kind of talk will get you in one. Politics are *forbidden* on this discussion board. If you wish to engage in this kind of antagonistic crap, there are boards created just for flame-o-holics. Please take it there and spare us here.
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