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Originally Posted by hansel75 View Post
What other non gaming software is better on CPC464?
The CPC can display 80x25 characters on screen, compared to the C64's 40x25. It has a Centronics printer port and decent drive speeds, for which C64 users would have to buy additional hardware. Also, it's BASIC was said to be way better than Commodore's crappy offering. So yes, in theory it might have been better suited for "non gaming software". But given the ridiculously big selection of C64 software - even back in 1985 when the CPC664 hit the market - I don't think it mattered much for everyday use.

The simple fact is that Commodore concentrated on the British and German markets for various reasons and pretty much ignored France initially (it's detailed in Brian Bagnall's excellent book), which gave the competition a window of opportunity for a few years. The CPC's strength in the French market is the result of that, not of any imagined or actual technical merits the machine had.

dfrsilver obvisously grew up with a CPC, so he's very nostalgic about it - just like we are, about our first computers. We're just lucky our computers didn't suck as much
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