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Originally Posted by kratam View Post
I've just tried a ide-sata board that I bought on ebay for 4. The drive is still not recognised in winuae. However, when I load up disk management Disk 1 is present but it is asking me to initialise the disk. I know not to do this as it will wipe it.

I think I'm going to try something else. I have a PCMCIA CF Card from Amigakit with a 4GB CF card, does anyone know if you can create a backup of the drive to the CF card? And the steps needed to do it.

The problem with using CF0: is the DosDriver uses the Fat95 filesystem.
You would have to use a program named 'Giggledisk' to create a DosDriver for the fat formatted card. (giggledisk compactflash.device 0 to ram:)
Once created rename the DosDriver to anything you like.
Then alter the line, Device= l:fat95 to l:Fastfilesystem (Save it to Storage/Dosdrivers)Move the CF0: Dosdriver to Storage/Dosdrivers & reboot.
Use your new FFS Dosdriver to try to mount it in the PCMCIA slot, and if it mounts, then see if you can format it as FFS.

A lot of work and it may not even be possible. Worth a try?

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