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Originally Posted by S0ulA55a551n View Post
However as I have said several times, computer are not just about games , and in the non games arena I think the CPC was much much better than the C64
What other non gaming software is better on CPC464?

The C64 was well catered for in application software, some of the best can be found here-

In the usa the C64 was taken more seriously and there was business software to cover those needs as well.
There is also great Gfx and music programs, solid word processors, Geos etc!

Then we can add the demo scene, in which just like the amiga was for 16bits, the C64 was the dominant 8bit format for demos with the most impressive releases in general.
But really, in the 80's when we were just kids/teens, did anyone seriously use there 8bit computers for anything serious, i would imagine most people would of been gaming on them 99% of the time, i know i was

I don't dislike the CPC or Spectrums, they have there place. But some people in here are blind+deaf if they can't see that the C64 was the best 8bit machine overall out of the three of them, especially for gaming!

Edit- Back to gaming related topic, this site has some good comparisons of games on various formats, the C64 gets lots of wins while the Cpc only scrapes in a few wins. -

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