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While chase hq is quite good on the CPC and horrific on the C64, it's a rare example as most games are always smoother and more playable on the C64, every system had there fair share of dud conversions.

Maybe we should compare some other racers, here is turbo outrun on C64 and CPC- [ Show youtube player ]
The C64 versions graphics and sound are superb and shows that the C64 was capable of fast and reasonably smooth racers, while the CPC version is extremely poor and looks to run at about 3fps.

Other smooth/good looking C64 racers include- Buggy boy, Chase HQ 2, Lotus, Outrun Europa, Pitstop 2, Power drift, Stunt car racer, Super Cycle, Turbo charge and many others.

I also agree with Retro-Nerd about a lot of CPC games running in postage stamp sized displays, it sux.
Also even if some conversions look closer to the original on CPC, there movement lets it down with jerky scrolling and sprites which then affects playability.

And as i have mentioned before, the palette on the CPC is very garish and bright, while it might be ok for fantasy types games, it is not suitable for realistic shades in other genres.
You can't do earthy shades of green and brown on CPC for that realistic look, a lot of games look like your on acid while playing on CPC.

And turrican 2 has been mentioned, personally i think the C64 versions shits all over the CPC version from a great height, with the CPC once again being to jerky.
CPC- [ Show youtube player ]
C64- [ Show youtube player ]

For quick reference points to compare the 2 versions, check the CPC version at 4mins and the C64 version at 17mins for similiar scenes.
Also if you check both versions at around 50mins this will show the difference between the shoot em up stages, the C64 is glorious with 50fps multi parallax scrolling backgrounds, smooth moving sprites and awesome music and sfx and is very playable.

The CPC versions just looks embarrassingly jerky/poor and looks to be running at about 5-10fps, and it has no parallax scrolling or music with only basic white noises for sfx, and again it runs in a postage stamp sized screen.
Also the C64 version is closer to the 16bit versions here with it's use of colour, Turrican himself on the C64 is grey and red just like the 16bit versions, while on the CPC he is green?
So the argument that CPC games were closer to there 16bit versions with there use of colour is not correct either.

Also with this hardware scrolling that the CPC is apparently able to do, that still does not do anything for the lack of hardware sprites, with most CPC games having jerky software sprite movement.
And in the end, games are always more playable when there smoother, a CPC game that runs at 5-10fps is never going to be as playable as a C64 game running at 25-50fps, it doesn't matter that people think the CPC versions looks better, gameplay is most important in the end. This has been the case since day 1 of videogames and it still important now, higher framerates always make a game better and more playable no matter how good or bad the game looks.

As for sales percentages of the 8bit machine, no one can dispute how dominant the C64 was over the other 8bit machines across the world.
France may of preferred the CPC, but in the rest of the world this was simply not the case and the C64 went on to become the No.1 selling computer of all time by a massive margin!
Also it appears the French preferred the garish/fluorescent colour schemes and lower framerates of the CPC in which i find very odd!
Especially when compared to the smoother and more playable C64 games with there more realistic/earthy colours, and the sid chip was just the icing on the cake for us C64 users!

I have said this before somewhere but will say it again, i look at the C64 vs CPC464 the same way as i look at the Amiga vs ST, the CPC and ST may of had slightly faster cpu's in them, but in the long run the custom video and audio chips that the C64 and Amiga's had gave them a huge advantage as they didn't have to rely on the cpu for everything.
This is why the C64 and Amiga ended up dominating and outlasting there competitors across the world.

There is also the subject of the amount of software available for each system back then, the C64 had the massive benefit that it wasn't just popular in europe and uk, it also had major support from the usa in which the amstrads and spectrums lacked. The usa were responsible for a lot of C64 disk based games that had more sophistication and depth, this added nicely to the flood of uk C64 games that were already coming out as well.

Also here in australia both commodore machines dominated in the 80's and early 90's, spectrums were almost non existent here and cpc's were rare.
I only ever knew one person with a cpc464 with green monitor(and he envied me with my c64, just saying), where is i knew 10 other people while growing up that had C64 and amiga's.
Same with the ST, amiga's were far more popular here and ST owners were rare from my experiences.

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