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Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd View Post
You should read what a C64 can do, no matter if it's a cartridge, a rom replacement or software loader. I can load the complete 64kB in under 5 seconds with a hardware speeder like Prologic Dos. The normal cartridges (Action Replay etc). loads 64KB PRG files in 10-15 seconds. And i've don't mentioned modern devices yet, e.g. the EasyFlash.
Schön !

According zu C64-Wiki SuperTape D2 loads with 3600/7200 bauds.
Wow ! Impressive indeed, it's just a little bit faster than the 464 tape speed on custom normal block ! Quite nice for a C64 disk scheme ahah !

little info : Bad Cat from Rainbow Arts for CPC 464 on tape is running as fast as the SuperTape D2 scheme on disk, so i agree then, it's fast indeed for a C64 .

(For information : A simple 464 can load normal blocks at 6000 bauds without any additional hardware lol!). You just need to code in basic the tape saver with the wanted speed .

Of course if i pick a 6128, it basically is faster a CPC disk drive is once again faster.

PS : i don't need easy flash cartridge on CPC to make the games loading faster. And i was talking about the cracked version encoded in 6500 bauds not the original tape speedlocked.

I'm talking about the tape version, not the disk version
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