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Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd View Post
You should stop here because you actually have no knowledge about C64 hardware and the expansions at all. Please, before others destroy every line you wrote.
I'm talking of a regular C64 with fast load cartridge, not a super soupped-up C64 which is doing the coffee and cleaning the kitchen.

I know the numbers for the CPC, and i know that the C64 can't mesure up with it in these areas.

a CPC tape drive in standard can load at the very high speed of 6500 bauds.

This information is not known because nobody outside me has tested up to such a speed.

I load the main program of Turrican II for CPC 464 in 1mn05 in RAM, and i need 30 seconds to load the level 1.

Basically Turrican II main loader is around 50kb, the level 1 alone is 30kb.

So my 464 forks out 80kb of data in less than 2mns of loading.

Is a C64 able to do that ? Nope. Even with the fast load cart.

The CPC original speedlocked version needs 5-7 minutes to load the title screen, the main program and the level 1.

European sales for the Amiga version. The best and most popular version. The C64 game less than that. You can now imagine how many Spectrum and CPC copies were sold. btw: The ST version of Turrican 1 sold less than 1000 copies.
Turrican I and II are not rare games on CPC. i see very often copies for sale.

Again? The original Shadow Dancer was a best a mediocre game in the arcades.
Many people just won't agree with you here. It's a very pleasant game to play. I own the arcade PCB, and while it's still not the game of the year, it's always a real pleasure to kick the baddies asses in it

The ports are all awful, not matter which system.
It's hard/awfull to play it on C64, but it's a joy to play on Amiga, ST, CPC.

Only the Mega Drive exclusive was a decent follow up for Super Shinobi/Revenge of Shinobi series.
You compared orange and apples, the megadrive version is completely different, and is way too long. The gameplay of this game relies on the shortness of the levels.

Even with invulnerability or infinite lifes, SD megadrive is boring, because it's too long to finish.
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