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Originally Posted by LuMan View Post
Nooooo!! Fire up the A1200 anyway, through your modern telly, via scart! I use my A1200 through an HD Ready Samsung and it's bloody rock solid at 640x512 interlace. You can't see the shake you get with CRTs (or some older LCDs). Go on, give it a go. What have you got to lose?!!?

WRT Blastar, I also forgot how nice this looked, but I was hooked on Xenon II at the time, so very few shmups got a look in, sadly.

For some reason, me and my mate were also hooked on X-out... go figure
How did you set the screen resolution, in your amiga or you telly? Did it give you a better picture? I never mucked around with it much yet. I have little space for my consoles in this crappy apartment- when I move things will be better. I need to find time to play around with my a1200 and customize it.
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