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The C64 even with fastloader either on tape or disk never reach the speed a 464 can reach on tape nor a 6128 with disk drive
You should stop here because you actually have no knowledge about C64 hardware and the expansions at all. Please, before others destroy every line you wrote.

You're talking about a specific machine or the sales number for all the plateforms ?
European sales for the Amiga version. The best and most popular version. The C64 game less than that. You can now imagine how many Spectrum and CPC copies were sold. btw: The ST version of Turrican 1 sold less than 1000 copies.

when i look at Shadow Dancer on my C64, the main sprite is ridiculous, the playability horrible (not kidding, just give it a go, and you'll see the utter mess it is). Only the introduction is correct on this version. The game is a huge fail.

The worst : it has a 50fps scroll. Ahah. What's the point ?
Again? The orginal Shadow Dancer was a best a mediocre game in the arcades. The ports are all awful, not matter which system. Only the Mega Drive exclusive was a decent follow up for Super Shinobi/Revenge of Shinobi series.

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