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@Raistlin77it : Yes, you see, it's such a stupidity to be cornered to pay an 8 bit computer a price superior to a 16 bits glory like the Amiga 500. It's typical commodore fail attitude. All this for a toy for kids.

Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd View Post
Colors/chosen color palettes doesn't make bad games. Otherwise tons of early Mega Drive, PC-Engine, NES and even some SNES game classics were crap.
Well, some games on these consoles are not appaling at all. This because of the choice of colors.

In another case, i never liked the NES color scheme. I prefer the colors of most megadrive, snes, pc engine games.

Never bought unreliable tapes. I had a C64+Floppy with hardware speeder (Speed Dos) and most of the cracks and a lot of original disk games had software fastloader too. And they can load very fast, but i know that your C64 knowledge is very limited.
The C64 even with fastloader either on tape or disk never reach the speed a 464 can reach on tape nor a 6128 with disk drive.

The standard speed for the CPC is 1000 and 2000 bauds. I know a few games (commercial) using 3500 bauds for loading.

With fastloader, tape loading on C64 doesn't even reach 2500 bauds.

Wow, this was 1985 much more expensive than the initial sales price for a C64+monitor+datasette in Germany 1983. Probably 50%+
The price was high mostly because the computer was not selling. It's a commercial rule : when a computer solds well, the manufacturer can lower the price. When it doesn't, in order to not lose too much money, the price is high.

They sold 15000-20000 copies and it was big flop money-wise. Rainbow Arts and Factor 5 said that over 20 years ago.
You're talking about a specific machine or the sales number for all the plateforms ?

A lot of C64 games scrolls in 25 fps or even 50 fps. That makes them smooth, just like a lot of the Atari 8bit games. And there is enough CPU time (due to the hardware scrolling) to create smooth animations too. But if you only played the crappy arcade ports...
when i look at Shadow Dancer on my C64, the main sprite is ridiculous, the playability horrible (not kidding, just give it a go, and you'll see the utter mess it is). Only the introduction is correct on this version. The game is a huge fail.

The worst : it has a 50fps scroll. Ahah. What's the point ?

The CPC has to calculate/render everything in software with CPU power, the C64 not. That's why the most actions games runs in jerky 7-15 frames with a tiny viewable display.
Yes the CPC mostly use software engines. Just pick Super Cauldron, it uses awesomish germanico teutonic soft routines, and the game is just very smooth, butter smooth and the screen size is perfectly correct.

Coders didn't spent enough time on the CPC. And you have the result in many cases.

Just look at the case of Crack Down by Us gold. The coder just spent and lost its time many month on the ST version, just to churn out the Amiga in 3 months, intro cutted, outro removed, and a mastering error.

You see what i mean ? You were talking about Last Ninja 2, it's a speccy emulator running on a CPC ;

You see Barbarian from Palace ? It's basically a C64 emulator running on the CPC, hence the useless slowness of the game.

The coder forced the CPC to convert on the fly the C64 assets (yes ! the C64 assets, they didn't even bother to convert them from the start in CPC format !! ), from mode 1 to mode 0.

Do you have any idea of the processing power lost just to fork out C64 garbage ?

The CPC on this matter suffered exactly the same thing as the Amiga, games emulated or forked by idiots for the sake of money.

Look at Wonderboy from Activision, i would like to break the neck of the sick bast*rd who ported the game from the c64. Every coding bullshit were used and done on this game :

- The rubbish palette ported up to its pants from the c64 to the CPC
- the use of multimode in a way that even the most retarded coder would not use

You see ? Such a game could had a mode 0 game with a good scrolling and the original arcade music (same chip).

Instead of this, a massacre coming from the C64, an emulator of the C64 version.

So go on, you can say that the games are crap, we know where they were coming from !

A C64 can't output a RGB signal. If you use a scart cable it's the inferior composite signal, unless your TV supports S-Video via Scart (mostly Scart-2 on European TVs).

I use the lumafix replacement, and the display is enhanced, but also because i changed all the capacitors on mine. Incredible how those are killing the display. But even with this, i'm very carefull about the games i buy for my C64. It's easy to have bad surprises.
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