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So, this sounds to me like a poorly compiled executable then? I'll try to look into the code one more time, but other than that we might need to enlist the help of Toni... that or StingRay, or Galahad, or anyone who's already familiar with the game from before really.

Like I said, it has no problem loading the tables in stock CD≥≤ mode (under WinUAE anyway, it seems like SkulleateR is experiencing a different result). I attempted to use the CD≥≤ executable with the AGA datafiles recently - well first off it expects the lowlevel and nonvolatile libraries to exist in Libs: (or from within the CD≥≤'s extended ROM, natch) or it'll guru before getting to the frontend. Aside from that, though, it too spits out the same error when attempting to load a table. Anyone who's more technologically experienced than I am may try to dissect the CD≥≤ executable and see how it handles loading the data files without issue - it's probably a CD vs HD buffer issue, or something else from the extended ROM that it needs.
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