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Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd View Post
Wow, this was 1985 much more expensive than the initial sales price for a C64+monitor+datasette in Germany 1983. Probably 50%+
i don't know in germany or france, but you wants to lol ?

i have buyed the sole c64 floppy drive for the price of 270.000 lire, almost at the time the cost of a c64+datassette .
here in italy, and it was circa the 1989/90, my neighborhood at the time for the a500 has spended circa 600.000 lire so my first computer costed (c64+datasette+floppy) more than an amiga 500+500kb of the upgrade LOL !!

good time despite everything, this is my first computer , the first basic programs etc etc, but some time the prices didn't make sense
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